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I Am Social by: Greg W. Anderson
Instagram Engagement is 58 Times Higher than Facebook With $595B In Mobile Revenue… So, Why Aren’t You Seeing Those Results With YOUR Account?

* Do you want to gain more followers on Instagram faster than ever?
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I Am Social specializes in Instagram Managed Account Growth Services. We are your Growth Assistant for taking your account to a whole new level!
100% REAL
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Grow Your Instagram Account 
REAL, Targeted, Engaged Followers
I Am Social by: Greg W. Anderson
Managed Account
Want to gain more followers ...Faster?

Need help optimizing your account for greater  results?

Having troubles finding the best performing targets?

Getting followers that aren't your target demographic?

Let us be your Growth Assistant and take your account to a whole new level!
100% REAL
$199 COST
* Warning!!
WARNING: Using I Am Seen can make you irresistible on Instagram, whether it’s for business or fun!
Your job is to keep posting quality, consistent content. Our job is to build real, targeted, and engaged followers who will LOVE your Instagram account.
Here’s our promise to you:
We will help you gain 100% real followers, track our results with in-depth reporting you can access from any device, with an exclusive, flat-fee price you can afford with NO surprises, and give you the freedom to cancel AT ANY TIME.
We've been helping people grow their Instagram account for the past few years. We know what targets work and which targets DON'T! We have the inside scoop on how to gain the RIGHT followers who will rave about you!

Our secret-sauce process already knows the best accounts to follow and how to leverage MASSIVE audiences to pay attention to YOUR content. Here are just a few of the interest groups where we have the inside track:
There are 800 million Instagram accounts. How do people even know your account exists? I Am Seen makes people aware of your account by engaging with active, targeted people who fit your target market. You help us decide who to engage with, and I Am Social does all the heavy lifting for you.
1. You provide us with your ideal audience and what type of followers you want to attract.
2. We grow your account with REAL, ACTIVE, and ENGAGED followers.
3. You monitor your success, track new growth, and become a powerful influencer on Instagram.
Attract New Followers.
I Am Social attracts new followers to your Instagram account. This leads to thousands of new people following and interacting with your profile so you can grow your influence, drive sales, and build your brand.
Drive Site Traffic.
Get more visitors to your website or store by driving new followers to the link in your Instagram bio. More eyeballs from the RIGHT audience means more sales and influence.
Build Your Influence.
Land sponsorships and make yourself more marketable by gaining more followers.
Increase Product Sales.
Sell more on your eCommerce site by getting more followers to see your profile and products.
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The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
We get it - you’re sick and tired of fake hype, scams, and claims you see online. That’s why we’re sharing these AMAZING success stories from Actual Clients of I Am Seen, people just like you… except they now have thousands upon thousands of engaged followers of Instagram because they work with us!
Greg W. Anderson
"Life & Business Expert"
"The Architect of My Life & Self Made Millionaire..."
Greg is a three-time self-made millionaire, the acting CEO for three companies, and building several other brands in the process. It was choosing to create his reality that opened new doors. Greg spent over $275,000 and growing and invested nearly 10,000 hours of his life since 2012 creating his approach to life.

Greg’s mentoring guides thousands of individuals to Architect their own realities and create a life of more love, joy, money, passion, connection, and purpose!

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"I Travel the country on the rodeo trail, putting on clinics and for business..."
Jenna Smeenk is a Professional Barrel Racer in her rookie year of competition with her horse, Taz (Fultastic). She grew up on a 10,000-acre buffalo ranch in a small town in South Dakota. She has one older sister, Trisha and one younger brother, Jed. The entire family grew up ranching and of course, a love for the western way of life and rodeo.

Serving in the military for 9 years has been one of Jenna’s greatest accomplishments. She enlisted in the South Dakota Air National Guard out of high school, initially to pay for college. But what that life venture gave her was much more than an education at South Dakota State University, it crafted her into the woman she is proud to be today. Jenna has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as an Intelligence Analyst for the RC-26 Special Operations Aircraft.

Jenna, uses I Am Social and Instagram to grow her band and sell horse related products from her online store. 
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Jenna Smeenk
"Pro Barrel Racer"
Joel Therien
"Entrepreneur & Fitness Fanatic"
"I have been running multiple online businesses for 18 years..."
Now lifestyle is a new company but it's backed and created by Joel Therien's almost 20 years old, $200 million dollars online technology company.

He established his business in Schertz, Texas 7 years before multi-billion dollar even found out about this top technology business park!

Even though Joel Therien is responsible for creating over $200 million dollars in sales online, and creating a massive business, he is a father first, business owner second.

Joel uses I Am Social and Instagram to spread awareness of the importance of fitness and grow his downline in his Lifestyle Now company. 
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